Kingsman: The Secret Service Review


I’m a huge James Bond fan, and while I dig the realistic tone of the Daniel Craig era, I still miss for the bizarre silliness of the Connery and Moore eras with the oozing of style and nifty gadgets. And lo, did Kingsmancome from on high to deliver that style of filmmaking for a new generation…in the most hyper violent way imaginable.

We follow Eggsy (Taron Egerton), a British hoodlum who’s been squandering his Marine training on petty crimes for his abusive stepfather. After landing in jail, he calls in a favor won over by his slain father to bail him out. Enter Colin Firth as Harry Hart, aka Agent Gallahad, aka Agent Bad Motherf#$ker. Hart wisks Eggsy on a spy training program to become the next James Bond as together they uncover a global conspiracy to destroy the world spearheaded by Steve Jobs…sorry Valentin (played by Samuel L. Jackson).

It’s been a good long while since I enjoyed a stylish action movie like this and all of it directed by Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn has so far directed successfully four adaptations like X-Men: First Class, Stardust, and Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass notably was originally written by Mark Millar, a comic book writer who comes up with intriguing premises but ends up making shit endings. Vaughn turns out can take Millar’s disgusting cynicism and make an amazing adaptation.

But instead of super heroics, we have super spying. Combining the sleek debonair music of the Connery Bond era with the absurd gadgetry of Moore’s Bond. All of this bright colorful world is introduced to us via Colin Firth. Firth, notably kicks so much ass in this movie that I won’t be surprised when he takes many of Liam Neeson’s gig. Especially, in a scene involving a church of hate-filled bigots and a healthy dose of insanity.

Egerton meanwhile is a fantastic new star to the scene. His journey from small time hoodlum to super spy is amazingly drastic and entertaining to watch. Mostly because it’s an actual character arc, where a character must change from once they once were to something greater. In this case, it would be James Bond, Jr. he morphs into complete with the ever important sex appeal but lacking the uncomfortable baggage that kind of brings the older Bond films.

All the supporting cast members from Michael Caine to Mark Strong turn in hugely entertaining performances but they get outshined by Sam L. Jackson. He carries out this bizarre lisp as he plans out an insane eco terrorist plot with his henchwoman equipped with Oscar Pistorious blade legs.

This film is too much fun, far better than what I expected or hoped for. It goes to show that the Hero’s Journey still had some legs in it as long as you inject a nice mix of style, color, and mind-boggling insanity. Check this out and enjoy a super spy movie that will tie you over until Spectre comes out. I’ll give this a hugely enthusiastic


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